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14th July 2003, 01:43
After belt tests, I find that I can't remember what it was I did. The details become awfully fuzzy. I am guessing that this is a combination of stress, nerves, and high concentration.

Anyone else have this kind of experience, in a test, competition, or real fight?

Joel Simmons
15th July 2003, 02:45

I think what you're describing is a common occurence during stressful situations. The build-up of anxiety that you allow the situation to develop seems to all come crashing down after-the-fact. For instance, I was just married in March and whenever someone asks me, "so, how was the wedding?" I have to really think about some of the details. It was such a stressful event (the planning, decorating, saying "i do" and so forth) that when its all said and done, you're just glad its over with. That's why you pay a ridiculous amount for someone to take all those pictures. :)

Maybe after your test, you should ask your sensei or sempai to help you review once again what you just completed. Ask a sempai to train with you during "off-hours."

Tom D
25th July 2003, 03:35
Yeah i think that's why some people video their tests.lol.I know I never remember any of mine. Except the mistakes of course