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14th July 2003, 20:18
Greetings everyone,

I just recently started judo (about one month ago). Well about 3 weeks ago, I got a slight neck injury. I didn't make much of it and tried to just press on. Well I have re-injured it twice since and now depending on the way I turn I have sharp pains in the right side of my neck.

Basically I am just looking for any bright ideas that may speed my recovery so I can get back to full motion in my new favorite hobby =)

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Barrett

Joseph Svinth
15th July 2003, 00:31
See a doctor.

Chiropractic combined with myofascial release massage and physical therapy can be very useful here, and is my (non-medical, personal) recommendation for a first stop. However, if the chiropractic doesn't provide prompt relief, then seriously consider the full battery of MRIs and CT scans.

Neck pain that does not go away is NOT good.

Tripitaka of AA
15th July 2003, 05:26
And an example from the other end of the spectrum. My wife has a recurring neck/shoulder problem whereby for no apparent reason the muscles "lock-up" in a very painful spasm that can take days to return to normal.

When she called out the GP (UK-speak for General Practicioner/Family Doctor), she was prescribed painkillers and muscle-relaxants (Codydramol and RObitussin, if I recall). One time she went in to Casualty (you might call it the "E.R."), and they did an X-Ray that showed a small shadow. The doctor said it was probably scar tissue from an old injury. Asked for treatment and the Doctor said, "Hhhhmmm, not much really. Massage probably won't help much. Exercise probably won't help much".

We think it goes back to a whiplash injury recieved in a Road Traffic Accident around 20 years ago. Perhaps some more thoughtful treatment back then might have avoided this throwback injury. It is worth thinking about, if you go to the insurance company claiming whiplash then you'll get 10k compensation. That sounds like a great big wad of Happy-Money, but 20 years on, when you are still suffering, it won't seem anything like enough.

Get the injury checked out. Get a report. Consider making a claim.

15th July 2003, 17:27
I wouldn't suggest a Chiropractor for a neck injury. High velocity manipulation (cracking the neck)can be very dangerous and IMHO should not be practiced by anyone - doctors PTS or chiropractors.

Go swiftly to the doc. Try alternative meds like acupuncture if thats your thing. Do not let anyone crack your neck.

Joseph Svinth
16th July 2003, 01:28
Not all chiropractic involves Killer Kowalski cranking on a neck lock. Some does, though. I don't encourage it.

Dr. Feelgood prescribing Oxycodone for everything ain't the solution, either.

It's your treatment. Be active in it.

Either way, see a doctor. Early on, ice, physical therapy, manipulation, and massage can do astonishing things. Wait too long, and even surgery may not help.

16th July 2003, 09:34
After having some routine radiographs taken of the neck (at least two views) and nothing untoward is found, it most likely is something cause by a muscle spasm, which wraps around a nerve causing a "pinched nerve" syndrome which can hang on for a long time if you continue to have problems.

Get any serious injury ruled out then wear a properly fitted neck brace and rest. The brace usually all but makes the pain disappear. The pain usually comes due to use of the muscle[s] that cause the spasm/pinched nerve in the first place, so take it easy on activity. Physical therapy of the medical type is best. The neck is too sensitive to take chances with chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulation (if you can actually find an Osteopath who still practices spinal alignment. Most have become medical doctor This almost never includes subluxation of the vertabrae, but balance with a device which lets the muscle relax will probably do more to end the pain and spasm. Physiological treatments including massage, whirlpool baths, and ultra-sound applied to the area (not to any injury of anything but to soft tissue and muscle injury).

If it is serious, chiropractic or similar treatments can make it worse, though it is up to the patient to make sure he knows everything he may do in the future. Chriropractic can be useful because the lay hands on, but you should be healed by the time you get treatments of this type.

Pain is the body telling you something is wrong so be careful and don't use narcotics and heavy muscle relaxants injudiciously or when-ever you feel pain. It can mask more serious complications.

Get a neck brace which fits, take about 15 grains of aspirin and hot baths and see if that doesn't work just as well. If you can't take NSAIDS, take Tylenol with or without a half-grain of codeine, as instructed. For "breakthrough pain (that which makes it unbearable, some small doses of opiates "should" be used)." You don't have to suffer, but over-using painkillers of all types may cause problems in nearly every organ of the body so choose wisely.

And Get some rest for that neck!