View Full Version : Which spirited drink brings you to your knees?

A. M. Jauregui
15th July 2003, 08:47
Which spirited drink brings you to your knees?

For me it is spice rum. For some reason it affects me like no other.

David T Anderson
15th July 2003, 13:48
Anything I have more than three of, within an hour. Yes, I am a cheap date...

15th July 2003, 13:58
Vodka, or anything that smells like cheap meths...

It makes me wanna hurl my guts up.


15th July 2003, 22:05
I have yet to survive a night where I ran into, or to the bottom of, a bottle of tequila. The problem is the only time I even consider tequila is when I have had a fair bit already.

Dale Heisler

Gene Williams
15th July 2003, 22:51
Everyone needs to learn to hold their liquor;)

15th July 2003, 23:30
Originally posted by A.M. Jauregui
Which spirited drink brings you to your knees?

For me it is spice rum. For some reason it affects me like no other.

Do you mean brought to your knees by bliss?

Or is it on one's knees before the porcelain idol, calling for"Raaaalph" and "Eaaaarl?"

I like some wines, some beers,quality tequilas and rum-though not spiced;that's just nasty.

I like quality vodka.
(Absolut-do my own fruit infusions....ahh, summer!:p)

I don't like gin or scotch.

I haven't gotten sick from drinking-except for once from a glass of high sulfate wine-since I was 16 or so. Once was enough.......

Everyone needs to learn to hold their liquor;)

....or when to STOP

A. M. Jauregui
16th July 2003, 01:04
Originally posted by elder999

Do you mean brought to your knees by bliss?

No I mean the why can’t I walk kind. For me it is not a matter of quantity but type of drink that leads to nothing but shikko.

For me spice rum is like kryptonite. Vodka and tequila I could drink like water with little ill effect.

Seriously Aaron, no one drink affects you like none of the others?

16th July 2003, 01:20
No, but then I rarely have more than four, and then only at home.....
...I call number three "the stupid drink," and all else beyond it is, well, "beyond the stupid drink!"

I've enjoyed mixed drinks with gin, but think it is fairly vile straight, ditto for scotch.....there is nothing alchoholic I avoid because it overcomes me faster or harder than others....

"Spiced Rum," as in that commercially produced stuff ala "Captain Morgan's" is just wrong. Ditto "Southern Comfort."

A. M. Jauregui
16th July 2003, 01:37
A you hit the nail right on the head, I think that they Captain is out to get me... That is why I generally keep my distance.

As for overall beverage consumption 2 mixed drinks is generally all I take... But that is a topic for another day.

I had a friend that used to say, “After 3 shots I think I'm a genius...... After 9 I have proven I'm not.“ Somewhat analogous to your stupid drink...

ttfn off to the gym

16th July 2003, 04:57
The smell of southern Comfort will cause me to vomit
Vodka makes me ask girls to...strange?

my two favorite mixed drinks are "Rob Roy" and "Rusty Nail"
and I am particular to Mc Callen 18 yr. old scotch
and close second is a Glenn Levitt at least a 12yr.old...

but for mixing scotch drinks use a dimple pinch blend it's
not nearly as dry as a single malt and you can be sure to get
in the two drinks before you have to hit the redbull and
schmirnoff...(for dancing purposes honestly)...

Scotch lets you get the groove on Vodka lets you slide...

16th July 2003, 05:19
Scotch I can drink like water and usually what I stick to when I'm in for a long night of hard drinking. Usually if I eat properly before drinking ang lots of water before I go to sleep I can manage to avoid a horrendous hangover.

DAle Heisler

16th July 2003, 05:30
A few days ago I heard someone mention "scotch, Guiness Beer and Berserkers" in the same sentence. Scotch will send me over the top. I make a fine Apple hard cider that seems to sneak up on you after the first bottle, which is a shame since I make gallons of the stuff at a time and my apple trees are heavy with apples again. Maybe I should sponsor a cider/roppokai seminar. Youll all have to sign wavors about execessive alcohol and its results though.


16th July 2003, 17:53
What spirit will bring me to my knees if consumed in excess?

Ouzo :eek: