View Full Version : Beginners Mind

Matt Wolfson
25th July 2003, 20:18
I am told that in order to make serious gains in martial arts or meditation,( or life in general, i guess) it is neccesarry to maintain the begineers mind everytime you practice. I find that keeping that inquizitive engaged mind hard to do especially over several years. Any tips out there that will add in keeping this focused vitality of the mind? I understand Martial arts is not something that can be talked about. It is the personal experience of it that the answers come from. However I find helpful to ask around for advise from others in the same situation. I know that you can not give me the answer but may be able to suggest something that has not been considered.

sepai 85
26th July 2003, 17:50
shoshin ! cool go to www.ykkf.org and click on articles and then "the secrets of ju jitsu its all in the shin. Its a good article it explains a lot.