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29th July 2003, 04:33
I was wondering if anyone currently studies any Chinese martial arts in addition to their Japanese martial studies. I currently train Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing I in addition to Judo/grappling. I find they all offer me something, but recently I have been getting the most out of Tai Chi.

The way I feel after I practice it (very calm and relaxed) has helped my grappling so very much. I find I have a flow in my grappling after I practice Tai Chi briefly.

Hsing I has been a tremendous confidence builder. Physically the breathing methods have made my body thicker, stronger and bigger. Mentally, I've got a lot more confidence from this very aggressive and stable art.

Ba Gua, to early for me to say yet. It impresses me more then any oother art in some ways though.

29th July 2003, 05:52
Baji and Xingyi. Good Stuff. Starting Bagua soon.