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Kaith Rustaz
31st July 2003, 05:34
This months issue has a heavy focus on the late Remy A. Presas, whose passing 2 years ago is still felt by many in the FMA community. There is also alot of information on Balintawak in the PI in the Manong Ted interview. http://martialtalk.com/magazine

August 2003 contents:
Editors NoteBook

Feature Interview :
Remy Presas and Balintawak:
Interview with Manong Ted Buot Part 2
by Paul Janulis

The Reality of Chi : Episode II: Internal Arts for Dummies
by Ken Stuczynski

Preparing for the I.K.C. - Part 2
The Journey Begins
By Mike Seigel

Proper Relaxation:
By Mike Casto

Product Reviews
- Video Review: The Speed Bag Bible Review by Kirk Otto
- Kyudo: The Way of the Bow by Feliks F. Hoff Review by Dr. Jeffery Leader
- Karate Do: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi Review by Bob Hubbard

WebSite Snapshots - Kenponet

Instructor Profile: Rick Manglinong

Tribute: Professor Presas, Founder of Modern Arnis
by Bob Hubbard

SnapShot - *The Kií-lin*
By Susan Spann

Computer Corner: Getting Online
by Bob Hubbard

The System: Fear, Instinct
and Self-Defense
By Arthur Sennott

A Brief Look at Japanese Sword Arts
by Bob Hubbard

Upcoming Events List

Photo Tribute: Professor Presas

31st July 2003, 18:20
You rarely get to meet such a gentleman as Remy Presas.

I wish he could have stayed with us a few more years, his simple method of looking at practice still invoke pictures of a pleasant hour of training with him ... to this day.

I just loved when he would say, "like this ..." and then simplify the complex so that even his regular students would stand there with their mouths open ... and he would laugh and smile ... making everyone feel like arnis was part of their own training... no matter what style or art the uniform represented.


Well .... you got me sucked in .. now I gotta see what is in the magazine.