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9th August 2003, 17:28
The Round Rock Ronin Sumo Team Try-outs and Free Mini-Workshop
Sunday, September 14th, 2003, 4:30 to 6 PM
Round Rock Martial Arts, Round Rock, Texas

Texas' first Sumo Team, The Round Rock Ronin, will be holding try-outs on Sunday, September 14th, 4:30 to 6 PM. We are looking for both men and women competitors for the light weight, middle weight and heavy weight divisions. Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Round Rock, Texas, be a U.S citizen, over 18 years of age and be in good physical and mental health. Applicants who make the team may be subject to steroid testing. The try-outs will be conducted in a workshop and mini-competition format. Applicants should wear loose, comfortable, athletic clothing.

The workshop portion will cover the rules and etiquette of Sumo competition and will include a mini-competition for the partitipants. Even if you are not planning on trying out for the Round Rock Ronin and are only want to get a brief introduction to Sumo, please feel welcomed to attend.

Those applicants who make the team will be expected to make regular practices and the Houston Sumo Workshop (Sunday, October 5th, 2003)and compete in the upcoming Lone Star Sumo Basho in early December.

For more information, please contact John Hidalgo at 512-310-2142 or yodel@texas.net.

9th August 2003, 17:30
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