View Full Version : Software upgrade completed. Posts bugs here

John Lindsey
12th August 2003, 13:44
Took longer than I thought, but everything is ok now. No major changes, but lots of bugs fixed.

Karma is still turned off, but you can't read it now.

12th August 2003, 15:40
Hi John,

The 'replies' counter doesn't seem to be working in all cases. Check out the 'Jesus for President' thread where there is currently one reply but the counter shows '0'.



12th August 2003, 15:59

All posts in the NHBAG have misteriously vanished?

Is this a bug .... or did you just take out the trash? :)

Pete Knox
15th August 2003, 15:06
It may be just me, but trying to enter the Chat Room doesn't work for me. The interface comes up, and I get a message that I don't have permission. I'm not sure if it's related to the software upgrade or not. I have noticed that the number of posts hasn't changed in a few days, though.