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Jason W
13th August 2003, 04:28
I was wondering if someone could help me with the word touden - http://www.aikidoaus.com.au/dojo/shuriken/images/touden.jpg

The word was used in the context of an oral teaching in reference to the history and origin of a particular Japanese weapon and how to wield it.

I have been informed that it means something like "comes from China" in the sense of knowledge being transmitted.

"den" (as in"Ku-den"), means "impart" or transmit",

According to my dictionary, "tou" (onyomi) actually refers the Tang, of the Tang dynasty in China around the 1100's.

My question is this...1) does this word literally mean "imparted from China", or is it alluding to something like this in some obscure and uniquely Japanese figurative sense?

and 2) would this imply that the transmission of such knowledge occurred during the Tang dynasty, or was connected with the Tang people in some way, or once again, is this a pretty way of saying Chinese in general...?

Jason Wotherspoon
Ipswich Aikido Club - Iwama Style

14th August 2003, 01:33
The first character 'tou' refers to the T'ang Dynasty, China (617-907) so yes, I believe it implies some knowledge transfer from ancient China.

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