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19th August 2003, 11:22
Hi all, i started zen meditation a few weeks ago and i am really into it now. I was just wandering if anyone here practises it here? How are you finding it?
Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagop

19th August 2003, 11:52
Hi, Jeremy.
All Shorinji Kenshi meditate as part of their training. You can read more about it here, (http://www.bskf.org/meditation.html) if you like.

19th August 2003, 23:28
Thanks. I started out with this group.

Kind Regards,
Jeremy Hagop

Jake McKee
22nd August 2003, 05:30
Hi Jeremy,

Zazen has been the most difficult and most rewarding activity - (or non-activity) I've ever practiced. If the sitting is practiced sincerely I think you'll find it greatly helps your martial arts practice. The principles are the same, but in zen, there's only one posture to master.

Good luck in your training,

Jake McKee

22nd August 2003, 06:38
Oh hi jake, i remember you. I just bought a Nakamura VHS of you not long ago.
It is very rewarding i have heard. The hard thing is not looking forward to enlightenment!
Jeremy Hagop

10th July 2004, 04:28
Excellent book by Zen Master- Omori Sogen called An Introduction To Zen Training. Published by Tuttle.
In addition to Zazen, Omori would practice swordsmanship and shodo as meditative exercise.
I highly recommend this work as an introduction to Zen and the practice of zazen.
Please give me your thoughts and feedback.

14th July 2004, 20:56

I just wanted to chime in with agreement on Omori Sogen's book. I had to wait forever to get my hands on it at the local library and it is certainly one of the best books on Zen I have read (most of which are pretty bland if not downright bad).