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21st August 2003, 23:17
Hi Everyone,

This is still very much in the works but things seem to be moving well. None of this is set in stone. All of it is subject to change. Still, I wanted to give a preview so you can get an idea what we are working towards. Please feel free to post any questions comments or ideas.

Take care,
John Hidalgo
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Event: Lone Star Sumo Open

Locations, Dates and Times:
December 6th, 2003
1 PM to 5 PM
Round Rock Martial Arts studio

December 7th, 2003
3 PM to 7 PM
United Heritage Center (Adjacent to the Dell Diamond)

Tournament Surface:
Clay Dohyo
Manila Rope or, if feasible, Rice Straw Tawara.

Weight Classes:
Standard USSF weight classes apply.

Rules Set:
Standard USSF rules apply. Team competition will have additional rules.

Both Men's and Women's Light, Middle, Heavy and Open Weight
Team Competition

While we are not planning on test for steroids at this time, we reserve the right to do so. Steroid usage is unwelcome and grounds for disqualification.

Preferred (and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED )- Standard off-white Mawashi worn in the traditional manner
Allowed (but discouraged) - Standard off-white Mawashi worn with black bike shorts (or similar shorts). Shorts must be black.
Preferred (and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED) - Standard off-white Mawashi worn in the traditional manner with a matching sports-bra type top (made with same fabric as Mawashi). Supportive undergarments may be worn beneath the top but should not be visible
Allowed (but discouraged) - Standard off-white Mawashi worn with black leotard/unitard (or similar shorts). Leotard/unitard must be black.

Workshop Notes:
We are working on getting someone in from California to teach the lion's share of this workshop. Details will be announced.

Tournament Notes:
We are shooting for a very traditional Sumo tournament. We are hoping to have our Gyogi and Yobidashi in traditional attire or at least something very close to traditional. We have also invited Austin Taiko to perform.