View Full Version : Once again on Purdue organizations

26th August 2003, 23:28
Hey all, it's me again, Frederick Chu. I finally made it to Purdue Univ (yay, woo-hoo) and was really hoping to start off early trying to get into either the kendo club or the aiki jujutsu club here. Unfortunately, all of the contact information is severely out of date, outright doesn't work, and other such loose ends. This infuriates me to no end, rest assured. Anyways, if anyone would happen to know people who I could reach, or people that actually participate in these organizations, don't suppose they could contact me please? My dorm, if you care to leave any mail, is:

Frederick Chu
340 Owens Hall
1160 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, Indiana, 49706

My cell phone number is 1-847-894-1224

My e-mail is frederick_chu@comcast.net/

Or you could just Private Message me, or the like. Thanks for your time, all.

-Frederick Chu

Charlie Kondek
8th September 2003, 15:26
Hiya, Chu-san. I know a few people from the Purdue kendo club, although they ain't at Perdue anymore! Anywho, I think the club is still in full swing. Try:

Contact: Kerry Tamura (765)495-2961

This from www.kendo-usa.org