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31st August 2003, 15:18
Hello all,

I think it is very cool to have a forum to chat about sumo. Although I had seen some sumo on ESPN2 my first real exposure was the Sept. basho in 2001. My Daito-ryu teacher Mr. Kondo has a few friends at the sumo stadium in Tokyo (forgot what it's called), and got us some super tickets. I think they were first or second row balcony... we could see everything! Anyway we saw some good sumo, a yokozuna, and the bow twirling ceremony at the end.

While I was there I picked up some of the tegata they sell for a few hundred yen each. They were cool but I wanted the real deal. I did eventually pick up a real tegata by Ozeki (?) Chiyotaikai. It's a small collection right now (one real tegata) but hopefully it will grow.

Does anyone else collect tegata here? I'd love to here about other collections! Either the machine printed or real hand printed ones are cool. If anyone has any real hand printed tegata they want to get rid of please let me know!

Finally, how do you get the hand printed ones? I understand they are given out to members of fan clubs for each wrestler. How do you join the club?

Thanks for reading,

1st September 2003, 09:12
Just a quick fix. When I wrote, "I'd love to here..." I meant, "I'd love to hear...". My brain is like Jello for some reason.