View Full Version : Temporary posts?

Gil Gillespie
27th September 2000, 15:58
I have sometimes felt like posting a notice but didn't want to clutter up any forum (e.g. first snow on Mt Fuji, winner of recent sumo tournament). Is there any way to post something like that & have it remove itself in say, a week? This probably demonstrates that I don't have the computer skills to edit (does that include delete?) my posts. Oh well, this IS the Help forum. . .

28th September 2000, 09:00
Hi Gil,
Only moderators AND people who write the post can delete them. The difference is that you will have to "edit" out the words in the post. Just backspace to erase, leave a word, such as "deleted" or just a "." The post will read "edited by Gil Gillespie," but will not remove it entirely. You can ask that John or the moderator of that forum to delete it, but I see no reason to do such, even if it is "dated." You may even start a good thread "drift" as most do not know what kind of follow-up any post has, but I, for one, would love to see sumo results.

In other words, if you don't know where to post it, use the Lounge.:wave: