View Full Version : Rare Sosuishi Ryu Jujutsu film from 1960

Robert G
9th September 2003, 17:57
This is the newest DVD to be listed on my web site...

In 1650 a samurai of Bungo Takeda named Futagami Hannosuke Masanori, a master of Takenouchi-Ryu and many other schools, sought retreat on the Yoshino Mountain for 37 days. There in the stillness of the mountain he practiced and meditated on the basic philosophy of JuJutsu.

When he came down off the mountain he had his own distinctive system of JuJutsu. He called it Sosuishitsu-Ryu(*) (Sosuishi-Ryu), meaning, school of holding together two rivers. It was named after the pure flowing waters of the Yoshino Rivers.

This DVD features techniques demonstrated by Shitama Shusaku and Shitama Manzo the incumbent headmaster. Filmed at the Suisuishi Ryu hombu dojo in Fukuoka, Japan during the early 1960's.

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