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10th September 2003, 20:50
I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what kenjutsu style Saito Hajime practiced, not onlyTennen Rishin Ryu. I ask this because it seems he belonged to the Aizu Clan. Can you tell me if Hiratsuki was real?

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Luis Quintino:D

12th September 2003, 12:40
Well, Considering, it is from Kenshin... there probably isn't an exact copy. but you can probably find a style that is close. i mean Kenshins Hiten mitsurugi is quite close to Iaido, just the cuts are alittle exaggerated and his style is unbalanced and impractical, and far to open. where as iai is almost the same, but tighter sword handling. but kenshin of coarse has to exaggerate for it would look much "cooler" so to speak for show purposes.

so, you can look, but it wont be as flashy as Saito's style but still useful in combat

12th September 2003, 20:39
yes, but i asked to learn about the historical figure. the man that died from a stomach ulcer.
thx anyway:)

28th September 2003, 02:59
I have read it was the Mugai Ryu, although some say Mizoguchi Itto-Ryu or Taishi-Ryu. It seems that hiratsuki was a real technique, devised by Hijikata Toshizo, second-in-command of the Shinsengumi.

28th September 2003, 11:27
hey shinta how's mitsurugi ryu ;)

in the animation it's said mugai ryu , ten'nen ryu is suposed to be the style of okita, but i didnt know that mugai ryu was something else than iai justu...

28th September 2003, 11:47
thx for the info, btw are any of these ryu online?
D youknow anything about his biography
Luís Quintino

28th September 2003, 17:20
Can you tell me if Hiratsuki was real? I've never seen the cartoon, so don't know how they illustrate hiratsuki. However, as I was taught, "hiratsuki" is a horizontal thrust (edge sideways) so that the blade can slip between the ribs easier. We also use hiratsuki to stab at the solar-plexus region.

Hiratsuki is a good technique to use against an opponent's torso, but do not use it for the throat. A vertical thrust is better for the throat -- if you miss your target on the assault, you can realign the cutting edge on his neck when you pull back (or press forward) -- hopefully cutting his jugular or other artery. Using hiratsuki for a throat attack, if you miss the target (i.e., he is to the left of your thrust), then it is much harder to properly realign your cutting edge during retraction (or if following his movement).

Etymology: Hiratsuki, horizontal thrust. Hira, "placid" (as in placid lake water), broad, wide; a synonym for "horizontal." Tsuki, thrust.


28th September 2003, 17:28
Thanks, Mr. Power!

28th September 2003, 19:13
Domo Arigato

Excelent technical explanation,easy to understand even for a non-kenjutsu student like myself. :smilejapa
U should watch the cartoon, if u like anime. The author has done a very good historical research and most of the characters are based on actual shinsengumi members. The OAV are more realistic

Thx Again

Luís Quintino

28th September 2003, 23:49
I don't know of any connection between mugairyu and saito hajime, but for information on mugairyu please check out our website, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

r e n

29th September 2003, 18:07
Thx for the info

I checked the site you mentioned and i found it to be very good.:)
Here in Portugal we do not have kenjutsu schools , at least that i know of, just kendo in Lisbon and i think they also teach iaido, don't know the ryu though.

Luís Quintino

25th March 2004, 01:03
Please see my signature to learn more about HISTORICAL Saitou Hajime (sometimes spelled Saito, Saitoh, Hazime). He may have crosstrained in more than one lineage and is affiliated with the Aizu clan, as was the entire Shinsengumi (Sinsengumi, Sinzengumi, Sinsen-gumi or Shinsen-gumi) the daimyo of Aizu was in charge of security in Kyoto. He changed his name a couple of times for various reasons and spent most of his life as a police officer (assistant inspector) in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept.

11th April 2004, 02:53