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19th September 2003, 09:38
Lessons learned thus far..

As some of you may know I’ve recently started with the teacher course Jiu Jitsu teacher A, which is provided by our Judo Federation (www.jbn.nl). To be supported by the Federation as a teacher you need to get a teachers license.

The first license is the A license (which I’m currently trying to obtain).

As a teacher with an A license you are allowed to:

- teach at kyu level
- take kyu exams
- give self defence courses

As a teacher with a B license you are allowed to:

- teach at kyu and dan level
- take kyu exams
- sign dan exam request forms
- be part of a dan exam committee
- guide an A license student internship

For a full list of the lessons we’re getting please go to my website www.jiu-jitsu-do.com It’s not updated at the moment but I will do that this weekend.

The course takes 9 months, 3 Saturdays each month from 10:00 till 17:00. From 10:00 to 13:00 we have the practical part and from 13:30 to 17:00 the theoretical part.

As I already told in the general forum the first day consisted of:

Practical part: (own skill)

Teaching at yellow belt level, this consisted of the techniques we should expect people at that level to learn. We were shown (and of course did it ourselves) various forms of exercises to teach various techniques.

Theoretical part: (view of Jiu Jitsu)

Mainly discussing our view of jiu jitsu this was the first part. Then we went on to basic movement principles (Irimi, tenkan, kuzushi) and discussed things like, single defence techniques, direct combinations, and indirect combinations.

Second lesson:

Practical part: (teaching)

We were shown and of course practised was of influencing students. Considering various age groups. Learning how to give decent complete instructions. The lesson was mainly done by first giving the bad example… and then continuing on to show why it was wrong to do it that way and how to do it correctly.
In this part we also were shown so very simple warm up routines.

Theoretical part: (view of jiu jitsu)

We went further into moving principles and the meaning of various standard words and ideas that are being used.

Well tomorrow will be the third lesson and my first exam (theory exam for the view of jiu jitsu part)

If you want to know more and read more in-depth info check my site www.jiu-jitsu-do.com (which will be updated this weekend… the current info is 2 years old)

falang gwai
22nd February 2004, 04:46
So, how about an update...?

24th February 2004, 11:33
people didn't really seem interested

24th February 2004, 15:40
"people didn't really seem interested"

I am.

Barb Bloom

24th February 2004, 17:26
give me a few days to add all the things I've written down during the course into one document..

26th March 2004, 16:38
Originally posted by Rogier
give me a few days to add all the things I've written down during the course into one document..

Hmmm, Rogier, its been a month....

Barb Bloom

26th March 2004, 17:45
And there is interest! Even from a karate practitioner, as many teaching methods are applicable to many styles.