View Full Version : books in Hiragana?

Bryan Fishback
25th September 2003, 05:38
Hey guys, I'm looking for a place to buy books in Hiragana.I know i'm mostly gonna only find childrens books but,anything that I can pratice with works for me. I've already tried Kikokuniya and Sasuga, the Kikokuniya site is in all Japanese even the US site and I haven't got a reply back from Sasuga yet.


Daniel Lee
25th September 2003, 07:48

Another option would be to buy books with furigana (that is, the hiragana phonetic characters above each kanji) that primary and junior high school students read. That might expand your reading selection somewhat. :)

Good luck!

Bryan Fishback
25th September 2003, 18:04
Ah thanks I did'nt know that existed. Excellent.

26th September 2003, 17:14
Hello Bryan,

Have you considered reading manga (Japanese comic books)? Many are largely in hiragana/ furigana while others are much more difficult, with mostly kanji. Depending on where you live (I live in a city with a large population of Japanese ESL students)you may be able to find them in used book shops, even thrift stores. And, they are a little less daunting than "books" per se because they have pictures and less dialogue.