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2nd October 2003, 19:11
KI, please explain.

T Goss

2nd October 2003, 19:19
I don't think you can expect to be 'spoon fed' quite like that.

Be resourceful - do some research yourself. Then feel free to come back and tell us what you've learned. :p

Good luck in your search!

Elijah McCaughen

2nd October 2003, 20:30
k, sorry if I come off as annoying, just REALLY interested but extremely limited. I will research and then maybe we can talk, sorry.:p

T Goss

T'ai Ji Monkey
2nd October 2003, 20:33
KI = essential life force.

Nothing mystical, nothing magical and NO you can't use it for no-touch knockouts or chi-blasts.

Everybody got it, no need to worry about it.

2nd October 2003, 20:39
ah. Gotcha now. I know what you are talking about now. I am a ki master;) , specially on kendo for ps2. hahaha ;) , no, i just needed some clarification. Kinda knew, but not really. thanks

T Goss

3rd October 2003, 14:53
Ask Kimpatsu and BruceB, they'll give you a straight answer :D

P.s. please don't post this anywhere near them, it will get them excited and turn into a 53 page thread of them disagreeing again :rolleyes:


T'ai Ji Monkey
3rd October 2003, 21:17
Originally posted by monkeyboy_ssj
P.S. please don't post this anywhere near them, it will get them excited and turn into a 53 page thread of them disagreeing again :rolleyes:

Naah, I think we should discuss it from the chinese viewpoint and that means all the different types of Qi and how they affect the human Body.
Yuan Qi
Gu Qi
Zong Qi
Zhen Qi
Zhong Qi
Zheng Qi

Problem is that most people confuse Qi with Jing.

Peng Jing (Pushing Power)
Ding Jing (Listening Power)
Zang Lian Jing (Sticking Power)
Zuo Jing (Following Power)
Hua Jing (Neutralizing Power)
Ce Jing (Borrowing Power)
Ying Jing (Drawing-up Power)
Di Jing (Uprooting Power)
Chen Jing (Sinking Power)
Na Jing (Controlling Power)
Kai Jing (Open-up Power)
He Jing (Close-up Power)
Po Jing (Deflecting Power)
Zhou Jing (Rubbing Power)
Fa Jing (Exploding Power)
Ce Jing (Twisting Power)
Zhuan Jing (Spiral Power)
Ci Jing (Cutting Power) or Heng Jing (Crossing Power)
Duan Jing (Interrupting Power)
Cun Jing (Inch Power)
Zuo Te Jing (Folding Power)
Ling Gong Jing (Distance Power)

To name just a few.

Have fun guys and keep the Beers and Doritos ready in case they do see it. ;)

8th October 2003, 02:44
ki is life

Joel Simmons
21st October 2003, 05:55

Since a previous post explained Ki/Qi from the Chinese viewpoint, I'll give you the Western term that is an approximate equivalent.

Bioelectromagnetic energy.

I don't know how accurate this is, however, most of the books I have read on Qi and Jing are from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming of the YMAA. He has many books on many different artforms, but I mostly enjoyed his very thorough attempts at explaining the mechanics of Qi and Jing to a Western audience. He does so with a mix of Chinese and Western terms, and tries to create equivalences between the two to reach an understanding.

In trying to figure out what all this Qi/Ki talk was when I first started in martial arts, I found his books helpful, albeit quite a lengthy explanation if you don't enjoy reading.