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Don Roley
1st October 2000, 04:15
I was wondering if anyone knew where there were sites that I could get free ware or otherwise for a Mac system. I have a Power Book 150 that I want to use it on, but the only program I have is a CD ROM (Power Books don't have them) and is for a Japanese Operating system. (I use it on my wife's G3.)
I would also be willing to buy a program as long as it came on a disk and not CD ROM. Can anyone help me?

27th November 2000, 02:13
Hi Don,

I've trying to think or find any sort of freeware for Mac, but haven't found anything.

BTW, I have found Mac type software on some of the vendor / supplier sites linked from Jansteen's Go sight. Not sure if available on 3 1/2 inch floppy (not CD-ROM) or not, but you could certainly check. (Jansteen's site - go to suppliers link and surf away: http://www.cwi.nl/people/jansteen/go/go.html )



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