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17th October 2003, 04:10
Can someone give me some background information about Mainichi Waiwai and Spa!, please? Who owns them? Who writes the articles? Is it only in English? Who are the intended audiences? Who sponser them? (I assume somebody have to pay the writers).

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


17th October 2003, 04:56
I sometimes log on.

Don't you think this sometimes shows Japan up for what it really is apart from the deep bows and business suits? Gives new meaning to, Ware ware wa Nihonjin desu.

Compared with some of the filth I have confiscated of students such as comics about sexually assualting elementary school kids this is mild in comparison.

Sorry I cannot answer your question. Taken from other Japanese publications with no guarantee of authenticity? I dont think its done for Japanese though. There are not enough pictures.

Hyakutake Colin