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31st October 2003, 04:04
Quick question:

Is it possible to just learn a weapon art? I am probably going to become a police officer once I graduate college and during that, I will be learning the baton. A police baton is basically a tonfa. I would like to learn the art behind it and not just the police use for it. I'm a student of Bujinkan Ninjutsu but I would like to suplement the skills I learn from that with the tonfa. Any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks for your help,

-Aaron Knepp

31st October 2003, 05:51
Shouldn't be too hard unless the Okinawan stylists near you want you to take the whole "course".

Police use and traditional use are quite different, different enough so if you can find a police manual for its use, you'll do alright even without an instructor. Probably. Maybe. Who knows?? :)

If you want a good book on the subject, get Fumio Demura's book, I like his stuff a lot.

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1st November 2003, 16:44
I am far from an expert on tonfa, but I was told the police baton / tonfa is very different. The handle is split with a swivel in the middle of the handle. Spin the baton by holding only the upper part of the hand and thumb. Brake with the bottom half of the hand.

14th November 2003, 09:12
Having trained LEOs on and off for years I'll offer the opinion that you are far better off not learning the martial arts way of utilizing a baton or tonfa at all. That is not to say the martial arts method is not effective, rather that employing a baton or tonfa ballisticly as martial artists are taught is a reflex use of the weapon that will probably get you suspended. There are standard courses on the weapons taught specifically for LEOs. I strongly urge you to utilize only generally accepted practices and refrain from using the weapon in the classical sense. The Japanese jutte and its applications is a fine tool to work with.


14th November 2003, 11:45
I know Hama Higa no Tunfa and it would definetely get you through all stages of "Diablo II"; for use in the "civilized" world, however, it would surely give you a lawsuit.