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4th November 2003, 01:10
I'm finally getting more involved in swords and just came across a pair of books on swords - Crimson Steel and Naked Blade. Are these worth picking up for study? Any thoughts on what is a fair price to offer?

Budoka 34
4th November 2003, 20:01

They are not worth anything, but if you get them cheap I'll buy them from you!

Just kidding. As far as collector value both books are in the $60 to $200 range depending on the market and condition.

I would grab them in a heartbeat.

I just missed a copy of Naked Blade by a dollar!:mad:

Hope this helps.


P.S. Try the collectors thread next.

5th November 2003, 14:34
Thanks for your info - - - but,
what is this "collector's thread" ???

I don't think I saw a listing.....

5th November 2003, 21:59
Oh, that "collector's thread" - I thought I'd seen these books before!

I swear I'm losing my mind - I tucked these away and forgot I even had them. Oh well, now I have an extra copy.

Time to start writing this stuff down on post-it notes and stick them around the house.....