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5th October 2000, 09:42
Greetings! :)

What meditation techniques are generally known to be useful or used as a good tool for the meditative practice?


Arnold Vargas
Genbukan Satoichi Dojo
Tsunami-Ryu Bujutsu

5th October 2000, 16:06

That is a pretty wide open question. A lot would depend on what effects you were looking to gain with meditation. In kundalini type meditations it is recommended generally that you are sitting with your back fairly straight....although not rigid. For relaxation meditation it is pretty open. I have heard all sorts of tricks and tips but I have found that just finding a simple position in which you are comfortable (but not TOO comfortable as you do not want to fall asleep) is the best. I personally ascribe to using the lower belly breathing model and generally keep my tongue up (per Mantak Chia and such).

Where you go from there again depends on what you want to get out of it. There are many exercises leading from guided visulizations...to just working on nomind, or just being.

I have also explored various ritual magick (Primarily Cabalism based on Golden Dawn Techniques) and much of this is a sort of moving meditation. You are working to attain a certain mind state while going through ritualistic motions and intonations.

If you can get away with it (IE no one in the house will freak and bother you) using intonation is actually pretty cool and a suprisingly good way to quiet the mind. If you put all your effort into a mantra of some sort...start of loud and vibrate it enthusiastically....and then slowly bring down the volume until it is only vibrating within...you can get some really cool effects internally.

Anyway...these are some general concepts that I have used. If you have any specific questions about any of this do not hesitate to ask. I am by no means an expert...but I have done a fair bit of experimentation and research.

6th October 2000, 04:00
Thanks Michael! :)

I am familiar with mantras...very interesting what you have said about intonations, could you explain a little futher?

If you like you can email me with more details, ok? :)



11th October 2000, 16:45

Sorry I have not gotten back to you as of yet. I have been really busy the last week or so and have not had time to give you a proper response. Expect something soon...

11th October 2000, 21:19
No problem... I'll be waiting... :karatekid


13th November 2000, 20:17
Breathing has always been, for me, the main way to sink into a meditative state, along with some limited visualisation. Breathing, for me, has always come from my centre - hara - and is steady and rhythmic. Sometimes it's enough to only focus on the breathing, other times I use visualisation as well - either visual or sensory (the old numbing limbs approach).
I'd also be very interested to hear more about use and effects of mantras..

13th November 2000, 21:23

I will post some of what I sent to Arnold here soon. Didn't know anyone else was interested so I just kept it to PM :)

13th November 2000, 22:45
Thanks Michael.

Steve Williams
8th December 2000, 14:24
Just found this site http://www.student.com/article/meditation gives another view of meditation (from a students perspective, minus the beer and parties :D )

8th December 2000, 15:10
http://usui-reiki.org/ this website talks about the use of Reiki and Meditation for healing and other purposes. Some of the techniques are silent yet effective. Hope it helps.