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19th November 2003, 15:33
Does anyone have a good mail order or web source for dark (imported) Japanese soy sauce (Koikuchi)- preferably a traditionally brewed variety?

I ask because Kikkoman, for example, that is actually made in Japan has a better flavor to me than the U.S. made one. Someone once told me that this is due to their being more soybeans and less wheat in the Japanese variety, resulting in a slightly different taste.

Tea Guy
19th November 2003, 17:25
Koikuchi? Hm.... Maybe www.uwajimaya.com
It's been a while since I've used them, but you can always request a particular item if it isn't in the mail order catalog (by email or phone). Also, they've actually got usukuchi (which is damn hard to find in the US), if you're interested.


21st November 2003, 09:08
Thanks, Mr. Sieg. I'll give them a try.

Tea Guy
21st November 2003, 16:03
No problem. Just let me know how it goes.

Tea Guy
25th November 2003, 23:34
I just realized I forgot to mention another good place.


I don't know if you ever went on to order your food yet, so take a look at this site too.
Sorry it slipped my mind. I've had the comfort of going to a large Asian market for so long that I've forgotten some of these web sites and mail order places.