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23rd November 2003, 00:46

I'm looking for scientific articles (pereferably available via the web) on meditation. I realize that's probably vague, but I'm not trying to exclude any particular area of study, and am willing to do the reading.

Thanks for your time,

-Charles Lockhart

23rd November 2003, 13:24
If you search back for the past few months John Lindsay posted a link to Time Magazine's article on meditation, which included scientific evidence. Otherwise, just try google or yahoo etc.

Gene Williams
23rd November 2003, 13:30
There was quite a good book written by William Johnston called, "Silent Music," that has been issued in paperback. There is much scientific discussion and some very good research results in the book. Can't remember the publisher, but look it up under the name and author.

3rd December 2003, 16:42
The Mind and Life Institute's website would be a good place to start: www.mindandlife.org

They have sponsored annual dialogues between leading scientists and meditation teachers like the Dalai Lama for about the last 10 years and have an e-mail list specifically geared towards towards the scientific issues related to meditation.

I would also recommend a book called Destructive Emotions, which was edited by Daniel Goleman (most well known for Emotional Intelligence). It is the set of transcripts from one of these meetings with the Dalai Lama and neuroscientists and psychologists. There's remarkable work being done with functional MRIs on meditators where the development of various states of mind is concretely captured in recorded media.

Here is a link to an interview with Goleman where he discusses some of this work:


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