View Full Version : Men's Room?

29th November 2003, 05:12
What is the "Men's Room"? I saw a post and when I clicked on it I received the denied message.

5th December 2003, 12:44
I think it might be this one: :redhot:

5th December 2003, 12:49
Originally posted by kage110
I think it might be this one: :redhot:

no. i think that one refers to the strength of last night's curry! :laugh:

5th December 2003, 13:26
True, true. Some of the other forums I visit have a 'blushing' smilly which would suit your needs perfectly.:)

6th December 2003, 11:00
I appreciate the assist. I was beginning to think I imagined seeing "The Men's Room", or that it was a joke that I missed since no one answered for a while! I'll do something to make my signature more noticeable. Thanks again.

6th December 2003, 13:13
Why's there never an embaressed smilie when you need one!

Hmmm, perhaps because there is one? :o