View Full Version : Is there a Jew Ryu?

30th November 2003, 23:02


Tony S.

william northcote
1st December 2003, 20:04
errr... yeah.

7th December 2003, 12:06
The style's called Jew-Jutsu. :D

9th December 2003, 18:00
Indigenous martial arts systems have always existed in different countries. Currently there are several military MA styles in Israel the most well known being Krav Magra, which looks nothing like what is done in the states. The mentality there is use what works, sort of like JKD.
In biblical time there was a "Book of War" which has long been lost.

I have practiced both Jew-Jitsu and Jew-Dough !

Gavriel Poretz

Shitoryu Dude
9th December 2003, 19:10
And here I thought that guilt projection, whining, and getting a house in the Hamptons was Jew-ryu. :D

william northcote
9th December 2003, 20:06
where does the humour stop and the anti sematic starts?

william northcote
9th December 2003, 20:09
oops double post :o

10th December 2003, 02:07
Originally posted by Will Northcote
where does the humour stop and the anti sematic starts?
When it's no longer funny.

Tripitaka of AA
10th December 2003, 06:21
Did you mean "Anti-Semitic"? or "Anti-Semantic"?

Personally I think Heybrew-ryu has a better lineage than Judao-do, but the splitters that follow the Man from Nazareth have all but taken over the practice halls, with their new-fangled techniques.

The Lancashire traditional style of Ecky-Thump has still got many admirers in this country. There must be combat fans all the world over... surely room for a few new ones.

11th December 2003, 19:00
Originally posted by Will Northcote
where does the humour stop and the anti sematic starts?

Well on this board it seems to start with ShitO'Ryu Dude.

Historically Jewish "Guilt" is an internal art that requires many years of devotion, before its passed from mother to son.
While the external guilt half educated Christians (not a stab at the "new" religion many of them are very decent folk) had brought many wonderful things; the inquisition, the 100 years war, the third Reich, and Tammy Faye Baker to name a few.

Gavriel Poretz

11th December 2003, 19:44
oh I almost forgot....

The Torah Dojo


yes its real.

Ellis Amdur
18th December 2003, 02:01
1- Laszlo Borsodi - 1930-41 - Fencing Master of the Toildi Miklos Royal Hungarian Sports Institution (shot himself 1941)

2 - Endre Kabos - Olympic champion in Sabre (died in a train blown up by German mine)

3 - Attila Petshshauer - between 1925-32, placed 2nd three times, and won three times in world championships in sabre. (tortured to death in Hungarian concentration camp)

All in all six Jews on the Hungarian national team in the 30's.

Richard Cohen - 5x U.K. National Sabre champion, - on U.K. Olympic team in 72, 76, 80 and 84 (Author of the book, By the Sword)


"Ott the Jew" renowned medieval sword instructor who added grappling methods to German broadsword.


Ellis Amdur