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John Cole
1st December 2003, 22:16
I'm interested in getting some exposure to Daitoryu and was wondering if anyone could recommend one or two good videos or dvds of the art.

I'm aware of the inherent limitations of 'learning' anything in video format, and moreover the pitfalls of not having a real teacher to guide oneself. But since I do not live in a town where Daitoryu is taught, and I am really just looking for an overall feeling or flavor of the art with some insight into the fundamental waza, I am willing to take the chance on a video or two.

Are there any videos/dvds out there worth the time and money?

John Cole

Carlos Estrella
2nd December 2003, 02:34

I've been in your situation and for the most part am still in it. Let me offer a few words of both encouragement and advise:

One, tapes will NEVER do Daito Ryu justice; they never show proper angles and even if they did, they can't begin to explain the "feeling" of having the technique applied properly to your arm, leg, wrists (especially the wrists!), etc.

Two, I know what it's like to be far from LEGITIMATE Daito Ryu - you can easily find the fakes (private message me for details). Mainline Daito Ryu can be had at least a few times a year in Maryland, Kodokai in Central California, New York, Virginia and a few other places, Takumakai may be a little harder but is available in Florida and I think New York, Daibukan in the midwest, Roppokai in California and I think North Carolina... the point is... via seminars you can be exposed and if you practice the basics, and meet others interested... maybe learn or maintain ukemi by practicing aikido or judo... maybe chat w/ people here on e-budo and other forums... it all helps when you do this long distance.

Three - and this is the most important one... DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! It may take you YEARS to learn the basics, but SO WHAT! I'd rather spend a year just doing ukemi and learning it right then to screw up a fall if someone from the Kondo Sensei's school or Hisa Sensei's school or Inoue Sensei's school got hold of me!

Oh yea... tapes... ask some of the folks on the forum here NICELY and they will eventually answer you. I'm too much the beginner to respond properly, though I like Kondo Sensei's tapes. Good luck in your search.


Carlos Estrella

2nd December 2003, 03:35
If you are really looking for something to give you a general feel for what Daito Ryu looks like, the 39th Annual All Japan Demo from Aikido Journal is a good place to start. It features Kondo Sensei who is generally acknowleged to be The Man as far as Daito Ryu goes. Also features a number of the senior teachers of Daito Ryu and some guest arts. Personally I found it striking how much more my Aikido looked like Daito-Ryu than the guy that Aikikai Hombu sent to do the demo.

It's not a training aid, it's a demo, but it's well done and shows a good deal of the public stuff.

Ron Tisdale
2nd December 2003, 13:56
I would go with Kondo Sensei's tapes, then get to the aiki expo or the Maryland study group. Other's have given good caveats...pay attention to them. I'd also get the book...the vids and the book together are the best combo in my opinion, when suplimented by seminars.

By the way...there is a guy in texas that spent a lot of time at seminars and some time in japan with Kondo Sensei, and he was at the last Aiki Expo. Look up Rick Fine. I don't know where he is in texas, but you might find him by checking the Korean Martial Art community. I've got his email somewhere....


2nd December 2003, 14:57
Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu (http://www.budovideos.com/shop/catalog/product_16135_Katsuyuki_Kondo_DVD.html)

The translation is done by the Mr. Derek Steel. Very well made and is probably *the* DVD to have on the subject. Derek is a top notch translator and an all around outstanding man; this DVD reflects his skill and his care. It was produced by Quest, owned by a Mr. Kogure in Tokyo, who does a lot of videos on Japanese budo.

Quest Station (http://www.queststation.com)

Ron Tisdale
2nd December 2003, 20:58
Hi John,

Check your PMs. You're in luck...Austin is a pretty good place it seems...


John Cole
2nd December 2003, 23:32
Thanks very much for all of the replies. All of the information helps!

John Cole

3rd December 2003, 04:11
John, a couple of years ago there was a guy teaching Daito Ryu in Austin. Can't remember his name but he was at the rec center south of Whole Foods and People's Book Store...down the hill. Sorry can't remember the street.

13th August 2004, 16:30
Does anyone have any input on the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Hiden Mokuroku tapes, its a 3 part library.

Nathan Scott
13th August 2004, 17:25
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seijaku kage
28th April 2010, 06:47
Is there any film footage of Sokaku takeda ?
there is of some of the old masters from judo, ninjutsu, aikido, karate, koryu etc etc. is there any of him ?

I tried a serach of youtube but to no avail.

29th April 2010, 03:57
Since no-one seems to be chiming in to answer your question - I'll give it a go

Bear in mind I am a complete outsider to Daito Ryu, and this is going on some fuzzy memories - can't remember where I read/heard this, so I could be wrong but...


There is no footage of Takeda Sokaku

Apparently (and this is the fuzzy memory part) - the Takumakai folks got some footage of him back in the Asahi Shinbun days, by getting permission to take photos, then using a (very new on the scene I would imagine) video camera to film him, as he didn't know the difference between a camera and video.

But the footage was destroyed or lost - I think it might have been in the Osaka firebombing in WWII

seijaku kage
29th April 2010, 07:56
thanks for the reply.

For an outsider as well. could anyone recommend any books about daito ryu ?

Nathan Scott
30th April 2010, 18:56
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1st May 2010, 16:08
No need to go to book or DVD if you are in Texas. As mentioned before Rich Fine is there, kick ass cool and there is Jose Lopez of Roppokai. Beyond superlatives. Okamoto Sensei's DVD's and books can be found on the net but really unless you do hands on you wont get it. Sorry just the way it is.

seijaku kage
2nd May 2010, 07:30
Thanks for the Reply and for the merge as i somehow missed this thread. thanks again

Nathan Scott
4th May 2010, 05:01
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