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3rd December 2003, 14:25
Hello Renshi,

It is great to have your guidence on the forum!! Here are a few questions:

1) How do you collect your monthly fees? EFT, Cash, Billing Company...
2) What do you think is an average amount of money per student/monthly that you earn in your pro shop?
3) How many special workshops or events do you hold in a month?

I look forward to hearing your replies.


Steven Lefebvre
Manager, Bujinkan Dojo,LLC


PS: Sorry to have not been in touch lately, major projects around the house are keeping me busy!

3rd December 2003, 17:03
Dear Steve:

Hey buddy how are you? Hope all is well. That is great that you are busy. I heard Tuhon is going to England this month. My buddies in the U.K are looking forward to training again with him. Another bridge between the silly Bujinkan/Genbukan stuff.

Answers to your questions.
1) Yes, I do have a billing company. The company is APS. For anyone looking for a billing I highly recommend them. I have been with them for over 6 years. They make all of my customers feel comfortable, they are the consummate professionals and they are like family to me, my staff and all that work with them. I strictly bill on EFT -either checking or Credit card. There are a few people with special circumstances that I allow to do in house cash accounts. Very few. I want everyone on billing.

2) Well just to be clear we set goals on what we want each student to purchase from our pro shop in all of our schools. All of curriculum is tied into the weapons and gear purchases. So that as they progress they are required to purchase particular equipment. Also, we have many other items for them to purchase which I recommend to all schools, such as my video the warrior spirit and things like meditation CDs, curriculum video's and so on. These are all things that I manufactured for the quality of training in my schools. This is something that all instructors should do for their students. We shoot for an average per student above tuition of $20 per month - $240 per year. You can easily see how much this would add up to.

3) The last question was on workshops. My ideas are to do as many as you possibly can without doing to much that you students don't attend. I recommend that you do at minimum one per month. Then do special things like bowling days, holiday parties, spiritual events etc. Things that bring the students together and build a synergy in the school. Make everyone one big happy family.

In spirit;

4th December 2003, 18:52
Hello Again my friend,

I hope all is well with you, and the family. I couldn't make the trip to England with Tuhon, but I will be heading to Stockholm Sweden at the end of January, to teach another Sayoc Kali seminar. Hopefully, I'll be in the U.K. next year and can meet with some of your friends there as well.

Thanks for the information. I have just started the work on my curriculum video/DVD's etc. I am looking to have them completed over the next 3 months.


1) What is your #1 method of advertising your schools, after referrals?
2) Are you running newspaper advertising?
3) What else would you suggest for advertising on a monthly basis?

All the best

Steve L.

9th December 2003, 14:39
Dear Steve;

My answer to that question is that there is no one source of advertising that works. It is all of them together. You must create a synergy that combines many sources of advertising. For instance referral program, lead boxes, door hangers, flyers, posters and so on. It is all on the video that I put out. A complete education in for the professional martial arts school owner.

This last month Maia package has Bill Clark on it. He speaks about the 30 day rule or 90 day rule. For everything you do, you will see results 30 - 90 days later. Most people quit after trying a few times. Then they don't see results and wonder why?

In spirit;