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Joseph Svinth
8th June 2000, 22:38
George Yoshinaga, "Rafu Shimpo," about May 25, 2000


A cigar boom seems to be sweeping Japan now. However, I don't think it's the same kind of boom we see here in America. With the Japanese, cigar smoking appears to be more of a "status thing," and we know about the Japanese and status. They've got to wear name brand clothes. Drink name brand liquor. Drive name brand cars.

Nobody is smoking Roi Tans. Or even Dutch Masters. In addition, they talk about what cigars should be smoked with what wine. Most cigar smokers in the U.S. couldn't give a damn about what wine they have to drink with their cigars. They just light up and enjoy the smoke.

... Maybe the time is ripe for the cigar magazine "Cigar Afficinado" to hold their "Big Smoke" promotion at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. They hold "Big Smokes" all over the U.S. and the one I attend annually in in Las Vegas at the Bally's Hotel. Of course, they charge $350 for the Vegas event so in Japan, it would probably cost about 1,000 bucks.


Question: is a cigar just a cigar, or are martial arts studies also influenced by name-branding?


21st June 2000, 11:16
Hello all Japan enthusiasts!
The European, mostly Dutch, merchandise fascinated the Asian people, and vice versa, but the national pride of Japan restricted the japanese to assimilate too much into western culture. As a result, they invented own names, including meanings, for western products, and tobacco was considered and called life extendening tea.
Obviously none at that time (around 1700th and 1900th century) were aware of health risks connected to smoking.
Axel Nyman

6th July 2000, 04:30
Hey Joe ...

...is a cigar just a cigar...

Yes, except with Bill Clinton -- then it is a "real marital art."