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John Lindsey
12th December 2003, 06:23
A long time ago I was thinking of opening a full time dojo. I joined EFC, who at that time was the big company for learning how to run a martial art school. One thing they really stressed was to keep statistics on your various business processes. For instance, knowing why the new student walked in your door (yellow pages, flyer, etc?). How many phone calls you get per day. Which students haven't been to class in the last week. People think that you just sit back during the day and relax, but you running a good school is a full time job.


What are the most important stats you keep? Attendence?

12th December 2003, 13:39
Dear John:

Your questions are always right on the money. I guess that is why you are running e-budo. All stats are most important. You are right we track it all. From the advertising, to the phone call, to the trial class, to the enrollment ratio, to the start of training, to the attendance, to the promotions, then we get into the drop out rate according to rank, age, gender and time of year. We also track our attendance, longevity of our students or duration of their training as well as income per student, per special event and so on. The list goes on and on.

Since I really started tracking our stats, that is when our school really started to develop into something amazing.

In spirit;