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Jeffery Brian Hodges
12th December 2003, 06:30
Dear Allie,
How are you? Hope you are well. My question is how much do you think population is a factor where you live in getting more students? For example you live in NY, one of the largest cities in the world and you have access to many potential clients. Now how in your estimation is it possible to grow a large students base in a smaller town like Podunk, Alabama? :) Thanks in advance for the answer and see you at the next Tai Kai.


12th December 2003, 13:35
Dear Brian;

There is no doubt that population is a factor in your martial arts school. You need to look at it this way. If you have 5000 people in your town and you get 2% of the people to join your school that would be 100 students - correct.

Most schools could do real well with 100 students. Then there are those people that will travel to get to you from one or two towns over. The majority of the people travel within in a 4 mile radius in Urban developments and 20 miles in rural. So you have a 20 mile radius and more to work with.

In spirit;

Ps: I have people in my town who still haven't broken the 100 student mark and we have about 18,000 households in my small town.