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John Lindsey
19th December 2003, 05:52

What is your advice on dojo insurance? What about personal insurance for you and your employees? Do you use a waiver? I think 99% of the school do, but I have heard that a waiver will never stand up in court if someone gets hurts. Comments?

19th December 2003, 14:03
Dear John;

Thanks for all the questions I appreciate being able to help.

Insurance is vital. You must get a good insurance policy. Some of them are very highly priced. I currently am using the Martial arts group out of florida. They are very good. They contract through midland insurance. Right now I am working on a policy from another company that will absolutely blow away any on the market. I will keep people posted.

I do use a waiver and a contract that has a waiver attached to it. I have never been sued in 12 years. Thank god. I also have a very safe and effective program. Usually, there are no injuries that acquire medical attention.

I have heard that the waiver doesn't mean anything in court. I think the waiver, the contract and the insurance all go hand in hand. The most important thing is to establish with the people that this is a contact sport. If that is what they realize and realize the risks as well then you as a teacher are a bit safer.

In spirit;
Allie Alberigo

28th December 2003, 07:46
The last time I ran a commercial operation my insurance company required a waiver as a conditon of the policy. I had to send them my waiver, and they actually made changes to it.

I think the purpose of the waiver is to mitigate the actual payout in the event of claim.

15th March 2004, 23:53

Any update on the new policy you were working on?


Wounded Ronin
6th April 2004, 06:26
I sort of disapprove about how easy it is to get around signing a waiver. If I went to some martial arts school and figured the odds of my getting injured were too high, I'd simply not study at that school. What's with entering a class and then venomously trying to sue people after the fact?

7th April 2004, 04:18
I don't own a school. I'm not even qualified to teach yet, but I'll give my two cents anyway.

The school I go to uses waivers. I don't really understand why some schools wouldn't use them. I also don't know why people would sue if they did get injured. Mostly becasue I think that if you get injured, it's your fault, not the school's, unless the teacher had a direct effect on your injury.

Just last week they made a mom sign one because her son was three years old, one year less than the specified age for the class.

Just as John says, don't let anyone get injured.