View Full Version : Movie idea: The First Samurai

John Lindsey
25th December 2003, 00:11
Since we know about the last samurai, what if Hollywood wanted to make a film called "The First Samurai?" What should it be about?

25th December 2003, 00:41

From film plot 101:

The 'hero' would be the quiet, shy guy who has been ardously perfecting his martial skills to protect his extended family (clan) who are ambushed by the adjoining .....(neighbor, warrior, family, clan, fill in the blank) because they covet the hero's....(girl, horse, cattle, sister, family sword, fill in the blank again).

After being betrayed, captured, humilated, and worse...he manages, through feat of arms, especially with his...(sword, bow, bo, sai, hands, fill in the blank again)to defeat his enemies. However, one of the villains escapes and vows revenge...thus setting up, not only the sequel, but the need for a primitive feudal system wherein all pledge to support the hero while he prepares and concentrates on protecting those in his care from the 'bad guys'. Thus, "THE FIRST SAMURAI" is born.

A love interest to 'sweeten' the pot is optional. As is, more noble reasons to enhance the status of the hero. Again fill in the blank..patriotism, nobility of purpose, etc.


25th December 2003, 14:16
I would think a movie about the great Minamoto general known as "Hachiman Taro" would be a good for the first samurai. Or would Prince Yamato be the first "samurai"? I would think Minamoto.