View Full Version : Fujita's Shuriken jutsu book for sale

30th December 2003, 23:25
If anyone is interested...



Daniel Sainty

Jason W
19th February 2004, 15:20
damn, it only went for $20 Australian...

Jason Wotherspoon

19th February 2004, 21:17
Cost me $33 Australian to post...

And when I went to cash the $30 he sent me, I found out it is not valid in Aus.

Story ended with me giving the book away for free, and paying $33 on top.


Jason W
19th February 2004, 23:25
Geez Daniel, thats a bit rough.

Why did you want to sell it - was it no good?

20th February 2004, 01:28
It was a great book, wish I could have copied it.

Sold it, along with a stack of other items I dont NEED to help cover the costs of my recent wedding... having paid $200 US for it I thought it might have obtained a bit more... HA!