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4th January 2004, 13:52

I have just begun studying iaido and was wandering what's the difference between iaido and battodo.

Also unlike kendo and kenjutsu I can not understand how different can iaido be from iaijutsu.

4th January 2004, 20:17
Hello, Amano.

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Now to your question. If you do a search function (button in the upper right of the screen margin) you will find many such mentions. I'll quote one of my responses:
...Batto is the ancient term and says what it means: "Draw Sword." Iai is a much more modern name, being, I believe, less than 200 years old. The earliest date I have personally found is from the 1925 Kenjutsu Kyohan in which it describes Hasegawa Ryu Iai, Omori Ryu Iai, and Toyama Ryu Iai. I am fairly sure I've heard of earlier usages, so -- someone please let me know if they can give me an earlier use of the term (I'd like scholastic citation for my files).

Even Nakayama Hakudo -- who championed the use of the term "iai" --wrote "battojutsu" when describing his system in the early 1930s. He used the kanji "batto", but superscribed "iai" in hiragana to "assist" the reading/meaning of the word. I don't have that particular eimeiroku [student register] page here -- but anyone is free to email me at my office for a jpg and translation (I don't own the original, I copied a photo from a Japanese magazine).

By the bye, Hayashizake's successor was Tamiya Heibei Narimasa ["Shigemasa" according to another source]. Tamiya later established his own system and called it "Batto Tamiya Ryu" [see Warner & Draeger, Japanese Swordsmanship(New York: Weatherhill, 1982)]

Regards, Guy