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Joseph Svinth
13th October 2000, 11:53
The EJMAS server is back up (YAY!) and we are beginning to post new articles and such. That spam aside, I spent much of the past couple months improving my online bibliography by providing hyperlinks to texts where possible. (NOTE: Not to booksellers such as B&N or Chapters, but to the actual text or significant related discussions. See, for example, http://ejmas.com/kronos/MABibA-F.htm , http://ejmas.com/kronos/MABibG-M.htm , and http://ejmas.com/kronos/MABibN-Z.htm .)

Eventually I would like to have hyperlinks to most everything, but unfortunately not everything is online. (Those pesky copyrights. :p) But if you know links to books or articles that I don't have, please drop me a line. Meanwhile, if you are the author of an article listed and would like to see it reprinted online, well, let me know and I think we can work something out. :)

Anyway, my goal is to make it simpler for people to do significant MA research online and for that to work I need your help.

One note of warning, however -- that bibliography lists what I read while preparing Kronos. It is NOT a list of what I recommend you read, nor even a list of those books or articles I personally endorse.


On a related topic, if you have read "Kronos" in the past, note that by reader request there is now a separate "change" file at http://ejmas.com/kronos/index.html#Kronos%20Updates . This should make it much easier for you to see what changes have occurred.

A typo due to machine language translation error is this: &trade should be (TM). I'm working on gettng that fixed. Other than that, if you have ideas for improving the accuracy of the data, please let me know; as said before the idea is to make it easier for everyone to get answers online.


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13th October 2000, 15:44
I'm on my way to EJMAS now....


14th October 2000, 02:39
Hi Joe,

I just checked this feature out, and all I can say is...WOW!!! I did not have time to read it all, just scanned it, but thanks so much!