View Full Version : 28th Kisei

12th January 2004, 21:30

What may be of interest to those in the Seattle, WA USA area ... the first game of the 28th Kisei will be played on 01/15-16/04 in Seattle at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

The Kisei is the most prestigious Japanese title with the biggest paycheck.

The 28th Kisei features current Kisei Yamashita Keigo defending the title against challenger Hane Naoki the current Tengen title holder. Both Yamashita Kisei and Hane Tengen are the top two players of the younger generation in Japan today. It should be a great series of games with interesting and possibly unusual play.

There will be several Japanese pros attending as commentators and referees(?) including Yoda Norimoto Meijin.

http://kisei.yomiuri.co.jp/ (for those read Japanese)
http://www.seattlegocenter.org/kisei.php (there will be a live feed)
http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/ (For info on the live internet broadcast on the IGS go server)
http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/index.htm (Nihon Kiin website)
http://gobase.org/ (For game records)