View Full Version : Membership Suspensions

John Lindsey
16th January 2004, 07:10
You might have noticed that I have been suspending more members recently. Wonder why you might not have heard to certain folks? It might be because they canít post.

Please note that a suspension is different than a ban, because you have the chance to make amends and regain your posting rights.

Most common violations are:

1. Potty Mouth Posts- I donít care how creatively you spell your favorite cuss words, if I understand what you are saying, then you are in trouble.

2. Member Bashing- donít get caught doing this one either. I don't care how much of an idiot they are, don't resort to lowering yourself to this level.

Please donít complain to me about why certain other folks were not banned. If I catch you, then you will be suspended. Think of me as a traffic cop catching speeders on the highway. Sure, I might miss a few, but such folks will get caught sooner or laterÖ