View Full Version : meaning of ritual

Michael Kurth
16th January 2004, 17:31

i am looking for information on the meaning behind the shinto ritual being done when visiting a shrine.

(ringing the bell), bowing twice, clapping twice, bowing again.

this ritual is also the beginning and ending of each practice session in the school of martial arts that i am learning. the information i have is quite loose, being that ringing the bell informs the spirits of ones presence, the bowing is a form of greeting them, and the clapping a way to invoke their presence (like the bell). this does make sense, but i am wondering wehther there is a definite reason for the order of these actions, as well as the number of bows and claps (i have read that for certain festivities there can be up to 8 claps and bows).

maybe there is no deeper meaning here, but if there is, i would be very grateful if someone could enlighten me on the issue ;-)

thank you very much,