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26th January 2004, 23:07
I've taken, for 12 years, a mix of karate and BJJ, cause my teacher was a 3rd dan in traditional wado karate and a brown belt in BJJ under Carlson Gracie, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I've moved to another city and now I have to find another dojo.

What would you recommend, between Aikikai Aikido, Kodokan Judo and Krav Maga ? Why ?

I am not trying to diminish any style, but I would like an honest opinion, comparing pro's and con's of these arts.

Also, I am NOT interested in taking BJJ, which of course, is widely available here in Brazil

PS: My focus today is EFFECTIVE and LONG LASTING (capable of being performed by an old man - I'm still 33, nevertheless I am thinking about the future) self defense skills !

Alexandre "Neuro" Wyllie

Mike Williams
27th January 2004, 19:05
Why not BJJ?

Judo will appear quite similar in many respects to your BJJ classes, so might not suit you if you really don't want to do that.

Krav Maga is flavour of the month right now, and (outrageous personal opinion alert:) seems to be geared more for teaching rudimentary self-defense skills in a short period to folks with no previous MA experience. You might get a good instructor, but even then it's not a 'long-term' art. You'd be better off doing what you do already, IMO.

Aikido would be a good bet, I think. Different enough from your previous arts to be interesting, and deep enough to maintain that interest. Just don't go choking people out... :D