View Full Version : ZATOICHI! The blind Masaeur is back!!!

27th January 2004, 22:51
I don't know if this been posted before but the hero is back in action on the big screen this time.
here's the link:


27th January 2004, 23:12

27th January 2004, 23:14
i don't know good japanese so meaybe someone could find out if its comes with english subtittles from japan http://


28th January 2004, 05:49
I believe the DVD will be released in Japan in March with English subtitles. The film was also shown in the London film festival last November with English subtitles.

28th January 2004, 08:26
From here : http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/review_1872.html

NATIONAL RELEASE 19th MARCH 2004 in UK, which is all kind of cool.

28th January 2004, 10:39
Strangly enough I was watching Zatoichi meets the One Armed Swordsman last night, great film.

To me, Shintaro Katsu will always make the best Blind Swordsman but good on Beat for reviving the legend ;)

I posted a link in the Members Lounge a while back but it's good to see a trialer.


28th January 2004, 11:21
I've been eager to watch beat's remake ever since I first heard he was making it, like half a year ago.
They showed it at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (with Takeshi Kitano present) last sunday, but I was too late with my ticket reservation :(

Ren Blade
2nd February 2004, 17:55
I hate the fact that Miramax has the distibution rights to this film for the U.S. :mad:

Miramax usually edit, butcher, and poorly dub the Asian films they buy. Next to that, the release date is June 4th 2004 here. I think I'll fly over to Europe to watch it. I heard this film will blow you away.

3rd February 2004, 07:56
Zatoichi is on at the NFT again at the end of this month in London if one cannot wait until the offical release date. You'll most probably get a better crowd at the NFT. More arty / filmy types and not the popcorn louts.

3rd February 2004, 08:15
SEEN IT! It played in Japan at the end of summer. Also, be aware that it is not meant to be factual, so see it with the state of mind to have fun with Beat Takeshi! Watch for the Geta tap scene!