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28th January 2004, 19:31
Hi all,

Does any of you know if this company is any good ?


There website is at:


Sincerly yours,

Jan Jensen

28th January 2004, 20:03
I can't comment on NAPMA but I personnaly use MAIA, Martial Arts Industry Association, and really like what they offer.


28th January 2004, 20:13
Dear Darrin and Jen;

Both Napma and Maia are excellent. Each of them have their strong and weak points. I think that if a school owner can afford it, it is worth being in both. If you spend $200 per month you will recieve ten times back in info and knowledge. Good luck. I have a website soon to be released that all of you will love the info on it.

In spirit;
Allie Alberigo

Mitch Saret
28th January 2004, 20:44
I had been a NAPMA member for it's first six years and absolutely thought it was worth every penny. When I decided to run my dojo full time, I continued to mainatin my membership for about a year.

The reason I left was nothing against NAPMA, it was because I had started receiving the same material reworked. If you are just starting out either NAPMA or MAIA would be great. Just ignore the political rantings between them. Now, i just use United Professionals, and that was mainly because they offered the billing as well, and a good friend of mine has been involved with them and convinced me to get involved. You know him Allie, John Geyston.

I still pull out my NAPMA material to look at it...it's still good stuff.

28th January 2004, 20:52
Dear Mitch:

I do agree with you on the Napma thing. I also think that one idea - just one is worth its weight in gold. I have been a member of both organizations since their inception. I think they are still worth just getting tid bits of info.

I am best friends with John Geyston. He and I are teaming up for something that will be out of this world for martial arts school owners. Keep in touch with him.

In spirit;

Mitch Saret
29th January 2004, 19:05
We just saw each other over the weekend. We have a group of schools getting together to become a "tournament circuit." He mentioned that you were partnering on something, but left it at that. But I am to watch for it.