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31st January 2004, 02:39
I was wondering if anyone could give me some resources that would have information on Feudal Japanese fortifications, castle and camp layouts, and the tactics used while in the field. You know, formations, basic tactical stratagies, soldier deployment, naval stratagies, anything really used by different armies.

Any contribution would be very much appreciated, however I can't read and other languages yet, so if it is Japanese, and a translated copy isn't really around, please let me know so I can talk to some friends of mine who can translate in advance.

Thank you for all your help in advance.

Joseph Svinth
31st January 2004, 06:07
If you're really serious about all this, check Professor Friday's bibliographies. That said, as you don't read Japanese, how about checking out the various books published by Osprey? For example, Stephen Turnbull has published "War in Japan 14671615" and "Nagashino 1575: Slaughter at the Barricades," while Anthony Bryant has published "Sekigahara 1600: The Final Struggle for Power" and "Samurai 1550-1600."

Anyway, check your bookseller, as most of these titles are still in print, and anybody who carries these books is likely to have more titles of interest real close by.