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1st February 2004, 14:54
February sale:
Buy any two Official E-Budo products and receive free shipping. Free shipping applies only within the 48 states. Sale ends in two weeks (2/1/04 - 2/14/04). Don't use the Paypal "Buy Now" option. Email me instead for your request.


All sizes are available.

15th February 2004, 20:39
The February sale is now over. Thanks to all that participated. Check back soon for further sales of Official E-Budo products. If you would like "Your School's Name" printed on T-shirts or Sweats, feel free to contact me.


16th February 2004, 11:27
any chance of E-budo baseball caps??

(my girlfriend would like to see me in some E-budo boxers..)

16th February 2004, 13:45
Hello Rogier,

I've been working on those, lately. Once I get set up with a batch of Official E-Budo caps, I'll list them on the website. Check your mail box. I'll send you out a sample soon.
Thanks for the suggestion.

29th February 2004, 15:05
Support our E-Budo Administer, by wearing your E-Budo Shirt proudly. A new sale has been developed, so that everybody can participate in this event. Visit http://home.earthlink.net/~screenman/ for sale details.

29th March 2004, 02:30
As promised:

Official E-Budo Caps have arrived. Get yours today at the E-Budo store.

Special thanks to Rogier for his suggestion.

29th March 2004, 06:37
still waiting for those e-budo boxers... then we could have some good looking female models wear them and post pictures of that :D

29th March 2004, 09:03
What I want is E-Budo Patches, so I can sell them to the students at my Mcdojo for inflated prices.

A. M. Jauregui
4th July 2004, 15:52
A tank top would be a welcome addition...

5th July 2004, 00:37
A. M. Jauregui,

Do you mean you want a tank top on my site or do you want to buy a tank top with the E-Budo logo on it? Send me your size, choice of color (white or grey) and Paypal payment and it's yours. Include your shipping address. It is priced the same as the T-shirts.

5th July 2004, 00:40

Now, would be a good time to ware the boxers (thong)I made for you.

5th July 2004, 12:15
Current sale of Official E-Budo.com products until 7/19/04.
Check it out: http://home.earthlink.net/~screenman