View Full Version : OT: BBV - "The Bo-Chick" Online!

Nathan Scott
3rd February 2004, 02:03
Well, this is a great day in the world of BBV.

I'll never forget my first screening of this footage, which was at Toby Threadgill's Menkyo Kaiden award ceremony in Texas. We watched a number of videos that were "entertaining", but I think this was probably the funniest of all of them.

Since then, this footage has been screened a number of times at other popular events, some of which have been documented in these forums. Always a crowd pleaser.

BBV fans - it is now online for your viewing pleasure:


I'd like to thank ESPN2 for showing such fine footage, and for providing important commentary during the performance (be sure to watch it one time without laughing to hear it). I'd also like to thank the bo-chick's teacher(?) for making all of this possible.


3rd February 2004, 02:43
I can see it now, Bo chick and the white guy from the "kiai" section of Prof. Ron's AwEEEkEE juhjitsew video. Man, they'd make a great couple.


3rd February 2004, 03:12
I liked the head bobbing. Really looks like a chicken.

3rd February 2004, 04:22
Finally, this piece of art is available to the public at large. This is the one I remember most during bad budo night in Vegas. How many times did we rewind that one, Nathan?


3rd February 2004, 18:38
:cool: Rock and Roll...

Some people are runners, some are screamers; some are runners and screamers!

Chris, they wouldn't be a good couple if you had an adjoining apartment...

4th February 2004, 18:02
The link is dead... :(
Is there a mirror somewhere?

Nathan Scott
4th February 2004, 18:52
I think the site is getting over-loaded. You might try at an off time. It is possible that the file will be moved to a site with more bandwidth at some point though.

Keep trying - it's worth the wait!

4th February 2004, 19:40
Crud... it's not up... I don't supposed anybody managed to snag a copy?

6th February 2004, 02:40
Yes, unfortunately the link is no longer working :( And I was really looking forward to seeing some real martial expertise, too!

6th February 2004, 17:32

Nathan Scott
6th February 2004, 19:47
Nice one Chris. Thanks for the help!

6th February 2004, 20:00
Wow... she is angry isn't she? Glad my machine here at work is speakerless.

6th February 2004, 22:04

My pleasure. I actually sat down next to you for a while in Vegas last Sept, and failed to introduce myself. I'll have to catch you next time... Meanwhile, I appreciate you making this available. I still fall out of my chair from watching this.


Mark Jakabcsin
8th February 2004, 00:21
I swear the angry chick is now a character on South Park. Isn't she Kyle's (maybe Stan's) sister. The one with the retainer, frizzy hair and bad attitude. I think the South Park guys must have seen this video. Like Nathan said it is always a crowd pleaser.