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16th October 2000, 23:02
has anyone come accross any references to levitation or flight in association to meditation or mental activities, I'm essentially wondering about equivalent to the yogic methods (although I don't know a lot about them either.

16th October 2000, 23:59
I believe that TM has some sort of "levitation" program... but then, technically, it IS yoga.

11th November 2000, 15:41
TM has an advanced program called 'yogic flying.' In reality, however, the practitioner merely 'leaps' forward from a sitting position, over and over. I think the explanation given is that when one is fully 'purified' or 'enlightened' then one will fly with this technique but I've never heard of anyone achieving it. However, the TMers do say that research has shown that these 'leaps' are much further than could be done by somebody who hadn't been practicing TM.

13th November 2000, 20:28
The only experience I've had with flying, in association with Meditation, is while practicing Druidic Meditiation. Essentially I found myself in a shared area of experience (don't ask me what/where though!!) and I did indeed find myself with the ability to fly. While this was obviously not physical I would have to argue that, since we are (IMO!) an integrated being - mind, body and soul being a continuous entity - I'd have to concede that I believe it's possible to fly externally to this inner realm, which is to say physically. Just don't ask me how!