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6th February 2004, 09:28
I am considering selling my set of PAL VHS videotapes of the Black Belt Home Study Course from Richard Van Donk, as can be seen at www.ninjutsu.com

They are in mint condition and I am selling them because simply I could do with the cash, and because I train at a dojo that gives me such varied and intensive training that I don't really need the additional support of these videos. I haven't even got around to watching them all yet and have only watched the ones I have seen once.

Anyone living in the UK would benefit hugely from the lack of shipping charges usually needed to order the set from the U.S. plus the nasty surprise at the front door when the postman demanded 60 before handing over the package (tax duty etc).

As a result they cost me well over 300 quid and I can't really afford to let them go at less than 200, but will include postage for this.

There is a separate tape for each kyu up to shodan,with lots of weaponry and ninja acrobatics instruction, plus a booklet and an audio tape with the correct pronunciation of Japanese terminology. I will also throw in the American Bujinkan Dojo embroidered badge that came with the tapes, plus Bushindo's catalogue of other tapes.

If anyone is interested, please let me know by replying here or by personal message.

19th February 2004, 10:44
Okay, okay, you're a tough lot, I'll knock it down to 150 but beware, they're also on www.ebay.co.uk so grab 'em while you can!

2nd March 2004, 21:10
Once you have learnt all of the tapes how would you go about grading for the black belt then? Is it possible? Or are the videos simple for practice?

P.s Are they still avalible?

3rd March 2004, 10:57
Unfortunately the tapes have now been sold via ebay, but in answer to your question, you train up to 1st kyu by sending videotapes of yourself, but have to travel to the U.S.to grade for shodan and thereon in.