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7th February 2004, 05:35

15th February 2004, 00:59
That was awesome. Thanx for sharing!

Brian Owens
15th February 2004, 10:53
I hope that since it was caught an camera she had that jerk fired and charged with assault.

J.T. Hurley
15th February 2004, 12:41
I'm relatively certain it's staged.

See: Nokia "Cat/Fan" ad, Bonsai Kitten, and Mothers Against Power Tools.

16th February 2004, 05:54
It was in school more than likely and does look staged.

17th February 2004, 12:40
Damn Yagyu have a sense of humor.

Brian Owens
17th February 2004, 13:52
Originally posted by dopefish
Damn Yagyu have a sense of humor.
I do.

But -- real or staged -- people being assaulted, people getting "Punk'd," so called comics filming themselves being crude and rude in public, and much of the same that's being put on TV, the Web, and in movies these days...that's not humor. It's degeneration. It's a lack of civility. It's a sign of people's becoming increasingly self-centered and self-absorbed in a world where "I" becomes more important than "we."

And I'm tired of it.

17th February 2004, 22:46
I know what you mean. However, you can only do what YOU can. What others are doing shouldnt be able to unbalance you.

Brian Owens
17th February 2004, 23:54
I don't feel particularly unbalanced. I maintain balance by:

Changing channels when I run across it on TV or the radio.

Speaking out when I see such things occcurring in public.

Not buying trash at book and magazine stores.

Reading the Bible, Confucius, Takuan, etc.

Meditating and practicing Budo.

Following the Golden Rule.

It works for me --